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Check-In/Check-Out Procedure

Students must be picked up by their parent or guardian in order to leave campus. Students are called from the classroom by the intercom or by phone only when an authorized parent or guardian provides valid identification. Students returning to school the same day must be physically accompanied by the parent to check in at the office. Our Tardy Policy is detailed below.

  • Parents of Car-riders: Car-riders who wish to eat breakfast in the cafeteria must be in the cafeteria line no later than 7:15 am in order to be served and on time for class. Please help us start the day right by protecting instructional time and making sure students are well-fueled and ready to learn.
  • Parents are no longer allowed to check out a student after 6th period begins (2:10 p.m.) to ensure effective instruction in our classrooms. If you come after 2:10 p.m., you will wait until 2:40 p.m. when your child is released.
  • When you come to check out your child, please allow sufficient time for your child to be located and to go by his/her locker. Parents, we ask that you do not call the office ahead of time and ask to have your child waiting in the office to be picked up. We are not permitted to do this, as it results in loss of instructional time.
  • Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to meet someone in the parking lot or allowed to leave the school premises without parents accompanying him/her.
  • Students must be present for three hours and 30 minutes or half of the total school day regardless of the daily schedule. For example, a student who arrives on time at the beginning of the day and is checked out after 11:00 a.m. would not be marked absent for the day.

Appointments with doctors, dentists, etc., should be made at times other than school hours if at all possible. If it is made during school hours, then the appointment card must be presented to verify the appointment. Most professional people will cooperate with you and give you appointments at other times if you request them.

Tardy/Early Release Policy-

The Parent/guardian must sign in the student at the front office if the student is tardy, no exceptions. The parent will be called and asked to come back to the school to sign their child in.

The front office will keep a list of those students who are signed in without a parent/guardian. If it occurs more than three (3) times, a parent meeting could take place with an administrator and the social worker.

If a student is late for any other reason than medical, it is an unexcused tardy. A note must be provided from a doctor’s office to the front office in order for it to be coded as excused.

Students will be excused only if they have a doctor’s note, which must be given to the front office at the time the student is tardy. Parent/guardian may submit a written note from the doctor for the remainder of the semester stating that the child has continuous appointments if it is a reoccurring appointment. Each semester, a new medical note is required. If one is not given, the tardies will then be deemed unexcused. Students will also only be excused for an early release if a doctor’s note is provided. The note must be provided to the front office the day the child returns back to school, otherwise, it will be considered unexcused.

For purposes of the compulsory attendance law and/or Student Code of Conduct reasons, a student will be considered unlawfully absent for one school day when the student accumulates unexcused tardies and/or unexcused early releases occurring on six or more school days in excess of 30 minutes each day.

A student will also be considered unlawfully absent if the unexcused tardies and/or unexcused early releases accumulate to 20 percent or more of the school days in a calendar month.

Published by Jody Phillips on March 17, 2020