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 Image of FBLA red, white, and blue logo FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America
Advisor: Tomeka Simmons
The FBLA-PBL Mission is to bring business and education together in a positive working relationship through innovative leadership and career development programs. Most meeting will be held during school. This service organization gives students real-world experiences in order to develop and apply technology skills.
 Image of Public Speaking and the National Forensics League gives youth a voice. Forensics
Advisor: Diane Speights 
Forensics is the study of debate. Students participate in learning to debate using persuasive and argumentative speaking methods. Students also learn to deliver humorous and dramatic speaking pieces of literature. Competition is held at various schools during the year.
 Image of Battle of the Books reading logo. Battle of the Books
Advisor: Jody Phillips
Like to read? Time for Battle of the Books! Students join small groups and team up to read the books on the reading list. A competition is held where questions on the reading list books are randomly asked and each team has a member “qualified” to answer that question. The team that answers the most questions correctly wins the competition!
 Image of Quiz Bowl is the club for you if you like trivia competitions. Quiz Bowl
Quiz Bowl is a co-curricular activity set up similar to the show “Jeopardy”. Quiz Bowl questions derive from the major subjects taught at SVMS such as history, geography, math, literature, and science.  This activity promotes team building and reinforces classroom content.  Our school competes with other middle schools in individual and team formats. All students are welcome to participate.
Image of Science Olympiad is a club for those students who like to explore the world of science. Science Olympiad
Advisor: Stephanie Pacquette & Science Department
If you are a budding Einstein, or just love Science, this club is for you! Students meet after school to enrich science knowledge with special experiments and projects. Science Olympiad competes with other County Middle Schools in a Science Olympiad Competition.
 Image of Math Counts is the club for you if you like numbers. Math Counts
Advisor: Adia McEachin & Math Department
Math Counts is for students that enjoy finding the answer to math puzzles and interesting or complex math problems. Teams are created so that each member’s strengths are brought into play. Competitions are held throughout the County.


Image of RUSH - Reaching the Unreached student harvest.

Advisor: Diane Speights
RUSH stands for Reaching (the) Unreached Student Harvest, and that is the heartbeat of all we do. We desire to not only transform lives, but entire campuses as well. This goal is being accomplished through prayer, monthly on-campus outreaches, weekly campus clubs, service projects, “Living Room” discipleship ministry, and city-wide Rallies. We realize that the only way to truly disciple a campus is through its students, so the major focus of RUSH is empowering students to change their world through an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. They are likely to be the only Bibles most of their peers ever read, so we encourage and equip them to live in a way that let’s their light shine.
Image of Drama Club is for you if you like to sing and dance and perform. Drama Club (Poetry & Other Productions)
Advisor: Christian Gray
Drama Club is a club that emphasizes the performing arts.  We will be learning and practicing stage performances specific to poetry, song, dance, and step. Our hard work leads to our big event Open Mic and Performances Night (in March), that allow students to perform in front of an audience at SVMS.  So, if the remembrance of the Harlem Renaissance gets your toes tappin’, and your earlobes buzzin’, and your greatest fear is NOT the stage….if you love MUSIC, DANCING, SINGING, and/or STEPPING….this is the club for you!
Image of students representing the SVMS JS2S club. Bobcats JS2S (Junior Student 2 Student)
Advisor: Sherron Evans
Junior Student 2 Student is a powerful program designed to help change a transitioning student’s focal point from what the student has lost to what the student will gain through the relocation. JS2J guides students through their uncertain surroundings, offering – from a peer viewpoint – valued information, friendship and assistance in three areas that matter the most to transitioning students:
*How do I find my way around? *Who will I meet?  *How will I make friends?  *What about my relationships?
What do I need to Know about the academic requirements at this school?
 Image of Student Government Association offers students an opportunity to practice leadership skills. SGA (Student Government Association)
Advisor: Monica Robbins & Marissa Fux
Students are elected by their peers and participate in numerous community-oriented activities and fundraisers.  Additionally, students represent their peers concerning school issues and policies.  Elections are being held in October. Officers are
Builders Club Go M.A.D. (Go Make A Difference) Builders Club
Administrative Advisor: Ruth Spearman
Advisors: Delores Bell & Jacquelyn Brown
The Go M.A.D. Builders Club is a program that is coordinated through the Kiwanis Club of Hope Mills.  The program serves as a framework to develop, support, and direct students to become productive citizens in today’s society. Our motto is: Today we lead the school; Tomorrow we lead the world.
SVMS Anime Club Anime Club
Advisor: Katie Cunningham
The word anime is often defined as “animation from Japan.” If only it were that simple! The South View Anime Club is going to dive into the world of Japanese animation, discovering the variety of genres and learning that “cartoons” are not just for the little kids. Animes often have complex storylines, compelling characters and worlds that help you escape your everyday normal.
Crop It Like Its Hot Yearbook Club
Advisor: Marissa Fux
The Yearbook Club design, promote, and sell the Yearbook.  Assisted by Mrs. Fux, students use an online computer program to create/design/ format pages, and are primarily responsible for taking the pictures that will end up in the SVMS Yearbook. We emphasis time management skills, prioritizing, reliability, and the responsibility to follow through on tasks. We provide excellent writing opportunities. If you are interested in journalism as a whole, this is the club for you.
Broadcasting Club Broadcasting Club (BBN)
Advisor: Marissa Fux
The Broadcasting Club (BBN – Broadcasting Bobcat News) is a student-centered media club, that covers South View Middle School news, sports, and events. The club live streams daily each morning during homeroom.  Bobcat Broadcasting is responsible for student, faculty, and Cumberland County announcements. If a future in broadcasting is something you’re interested in, our BBN club might be right up your alley.


Published by Jody Phillips on October 1, 2018
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