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Health/PE Curriculum Guidelines:
Health and Physical Education are combined courses, which will alternate weekly.
The Physical Education portion of the curriculum will promote fitness, dance, team building games, pre-sport skills, team sports, and life-long activities to develop strength, endurance, coordination, and agility. Physical Education also builds character, enhances social and leadership qualities, reduces stress, improves appearance, increases heart and lung efficiency, improves energy levels, helps with the maintenance of proper body weight, and helps improve self-esteem.  We will be using the SPARK program this year to teach fundamental skill and lifetime sports. Each student will be completing the Fitness Gram three times during the year. If you have any questions about the Fitness Gram visit Each student’s score will be recorded in the computer for the state. The state will keep progress of each student over five years.
Physical Education Guidelines:
*Students are required to dress out in a school designated PE uniform for Physical Education.
*Each student will begin each PE week with a 100 in PE. 10 points will be deducted from a student’s grade per day for not dressing out. 10 points will be deducted from a student’s grade per day for not participating. If a student is not dressed in appropriate uniform they will not be allowed to participate in PE due to safety and hygiene issues.
*PE Uniforms are required (orange shirt and blue shorts) and if you prefer can be bought before or after school in the gym. T-shirts are $10.00, shorts are $10.00 and gym bags are $10.00. See a PE teacher to purchase a uniform.
*Students will be allotted approximately five minutes to change into proper physical education attire, get water and use the restroom. Students will not be allowed to go back into the locker room during class unless there is an emergency.
* Students not dressed appropriately must stand in an assigned area of the gym.
*No valuables should be brought into the gym or locker rooms. Neither teachers nor South View Middle is responsible for valuables brought into the locker room or gym.
*No food, gum, drink, or lollipops are permitted in the locker room or gym.
*Athletes are required to participate in physical education on game days.
*Students are excused from physical education class with a doctor or parent note.
*Profanity is not permitted.
*Students may bring their PE uniform in a see-through bag. PE uniforms only are allowed in the bags.
*All other school rules will be followed and enforced.
We look forward to working with your child and please do not hesitate to call 424-3131 to discuss any related concerns.

Published by Jody Phillips on March 1, 2019
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